Public Relations Services - Philosophy III


We practice "integrated communications". This is a bedrock philosophy. The phrase is simply current psychobabble for the one-stop-shop idea. What it really boils down to in the generic sense is complementary and supportive interaction between the prime "selling" disciplines and sales itself, with the application of advertising, public relations and marketing related functions. Shifting from a horizontal spread of services to a vertical look at just public relations, there are a multitude of activities, which make up a full service range.

In the general sense, there are three basic layers of PR activity:

1. Corporate Communications High altitude nose-bleed level; public affairs • Overall image concerns • Sensitive areas of representation, negotiation, and crisis control • Macro view strategies.

2. Traditional Public Relations Media relations • Press Releases and Editorial Positioning• Creative Input, Consultations and Writing • Event / Function Development and Management • Related Corporate / Products / Service marketing tools • Internal / External Communications • Operational Logistics.

3. Sales/Marketing PR Support Street level action; P.O.S. / P.O.C. development and implementation; Direct market interaction with end users and related targets; Surveys and research; anything and everything that enhances the business environment from front - line sales attitudes to end - user's perception.

We joyfully apply all of the above within our working philosophy. Taking this multi-level approach to service a step further we mix in our own client relationship philosophy:

* We continually seek to do more for our clients, not less.

* We constantly work toward enhancing the value of our service for our clients.

* We maintain a policy of close client/vendor interaction with a pro-active approach to the relationship and a feeling of "partnership" with our clients in mutually developed projects and activities.


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