Generalists and Specialists Philosophy VII
An opinion on the "Specialization Syndrome"


We are an ethical pro-active PR shop that believes in "belief". We will believe in the client, their product and/or service which is why we do not accept tobacco, firearms, multi-level/pyramids and all other sectors we are ethically or philosophically opposed to. We so not believe in them so we cannot represent them. We accept clients that we can honestly say that we are proud to serve.

We are generalists. We do not specialize in anything. However, our track record in support of consumer products, financial services, apparel and fashion, food and beverage, retail and institutional distribution, broadcast and print media, industrial, entertainment, cultural arts, professional services, travel and transportation, telecommunications/I.T., and god knows how many more - have given rise to rumours that we are accomplished specialists in this and that. We want to squash those ugly rumours. We are not specialists in anything. We are, however, EXPERTS in public relations, public affairs, corporate communications, product-service promotion and all the relevant disciplines from advertising and events to graphic, video and digital/web production.

Please don't call us specialists…that's far too boring a description.


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