Philosophy X
The "Impossible" Value for Money Triangle
(Philosophy on the Impossible)


It is a natural human tendency to demand three basic things when purchasing, renting, acquiring just about anything that is sold, packaged, delivered by almost any possible vendor, supplier, manufacturer of anything.

The customer/ client wants it:

1. Good
2. Fast
3. Cheap

Or any combination of the above. Perhaps it is price over anything then its:

1. Cheap
2. Fast
3. Good

Whatever the priority, achieving all three in any sort of consistency is virtually impossible.

From the public relations perspective it is downright silly. This is why we call it the “impossible triangle”

Since almost all clients want everything “good”, we put that at the top.

Now, here is the rule:

You can have two out of three only!

You can have it:

1. CHEAP and (maybe?) good but you won’t get it fast
2. GOOD and Fast, but you won’t get it cheap
3. FAST and Cheap, but you won’t get it good!


Two out of three ain’t bad. If you demand all three, you’ll most likely end up with only one, which usually means not GOOD and not FAST. And if “Cheap” is the only consideration, you can forget “GOOD” and/ or “FAST” completely!


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