Laykin Communications is more than a Public Relations firm or an Advertising Agency, we are a total support system providing comprehensive communication services for brands, services, corporate entities, NGO's and governments.

Headquartered in Hong Kong since 1984, we bring together the disciplines of public relations, and public affairs along with advertising, promotion, marketing and production serving up an incomparable creative mix within the context of long-range retainer based client relationships.

Media relations and its resulting press coverage are the most obvious and accountable factor in public relations, but by no means the most important.


We provide for our clients:

Market-smart judgment; image management; an understanding of what sells and what doesn’t; hands-on development and execution of events; creative expertise in all the vital areas of print, video, film, web / internet, graphic and multi-media production.

All of this comes together under the umbrella of our comprehensive service formula of integrated communications. From this mix develops a profound partnership relationship with beneficial and profitable results for our valued clients.

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Vision Statement

We believe in a multi-disciplinary approach to public relations.

We are a total support system providing comprehensive communication resources for brands, services and corporate entities.

We believe that the idea of public relations as a mechanism for positive persuasion is constantly evolving.

We bring it all together with a service mix based on integrated communications applied with market-smart judgement.


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